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Bayou Classic Outdoor Fish Fryer/Cooker

Bayou Classic Outdoor Fish Fryer/Cooker

Bayou Classic

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This outdoor fish fryer/cooker from Bayou Classic holds hold 10 quarts. It is composed of commercial grade aluminum which makes it look sharp while keeping cleanup time to a minimum. The fryer comes with a perforated basket for straining water or oil, and the whole unit sits on an outdoor gas burner that sports a new functional leg design. The burner dimensions are 14 inches wide by 22 inches tall. This cooking unit also comes with a 5 inch thermometer.Features 14" Diameter Cooking Surface; BG10 High Pressure Burner; 19" Steel Frame with Single Bolt Leg Attachment; 10-Qt. Aluminum Fry Pot/Basket; 5" Thermometer 50 to 750 F; M5HPR Adjustable Regulator; 29" Stainless Braided Hose; 360 degree Windscreen Protection.