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Crimestopper Backstopper Display With Buzzer

Crimestopper Backstopper Display With Buzzer


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The Crimestopper CA5009.II Backstopper Display with Buzzer is a rear parking assist system with a warning chime. It comes with 4 ultrasonic high-frequency sensors that will alert you of objects behind you when you shift your vehicle into reverse. The system will alert you with a chime that will get faster as you get closer to the object.

Reverse parking-sensor system

Rear vehicle-impact warning system

Audible buzzer

4 ultrasonic sensors with quick-disconnect waterproof connectors with 16ft cable length

Sensors can be painted to match the color of the vehicle 4-stage audible obstruction warning

Shallow vertical sensing area

Sensors can be mounted on vehicles with low bumpers or aftermarket body kits

Includes hole-saw bit for drilling sensors into bumper & extra mounting shims to raise or lower detecting angle