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Crimestopper Parking-Sensor System With Top Display

Crimestopper Parking-Sensor System With Top Display


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Reverse parking-sensor system with top dash-mounted LED display
Distance adjustment feature
4 ultrasonic sensors with quick-disconnect waterproof connectors
Sensors can be painted to match the vehicle color
4-sensor direction indicator on display
Display has built-in audible buzzer
4-state audible obstruction warning signaling
Audible warning-3 distinct beep tones to notify the driver of the distance to an object
Includes hole-saw bit for drilling sensors into bumper & extra mounting shims to raise or lower detecting angle

. The Backstopper CA-5010.II is a rear-impact warning sensor system designed to aid you when backing up their vehicle. The system includes a color LED digital display with a four-sensor direction indicator mode and (4) ultra-sonic sensors with "quick disconnect" waterproof connectors. The colorful LED digital display has a built-in buzzer for visual and audible warning. The display also has a four-sensor direction indicator which allows the driver to see which sensor is being set of the most. The design is a top-dash mount design which makes the display easy to mount in several locations such as the top of the dash board, inside a pocket or on top of the rear view mirror. The CA-5010.II can be retrofitted with optional metal bumper sensors for any trucks that have metal or chrome plated bumpers. The optional sensors can help the unit to avoid false-alerting the driver on vehicle with metal bumpers. The CA-5010.II also has built-in intelligent warning Intelligent Detection to allow to system to be compatible with vehicles that are equipped with tow-hitches and spare tire racks or other protrusions on the rear of the vehicle. The intelligent detection can be calibrated to learn where these protrusions are on the bumper and will not send false-alerts to the driver when the vehicle is in reverse. The sensors wide detection angle will alert the driver of any small children, pedestrians, animals or small unseen objects such as bicycles or parking poles. This makes it very convenient for parking in a parking garage, a crowded lot or even in your own driveway.


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