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Crunch PZX1000.2 Powerzone 2-Channel Class AB AMP

Crunch PZX1000.2 Powerzone 2-Channel Class AB AMP


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Class AB
2Ω stable
SEPP (Single-Ended Push/Pull) design
Rugged MOSFET pulse-width modulation power supply for Instant Maxx power output
High-level speaker leads
Silver preamp-level RCA inputs
Oversized speaker terminals
SPEED-FETS high-speed MOSFET output devices
Amp protection with system-diagnostics LEDs protects against current/amp overload, short circuits, thermal overload & DC offset
1,000W max
250W RMS x 2 @ 4Ω

. Music is changing, did you notice? It is way more than guitars and drums now. Today's music demands that a car audio system can produce everything from classic music to tracks burned by a weekend DJ and mastered on a laptop. Crunch brings out every detail. The POWERZONE series features Versa Cross fully adjustable electronic crossovers for fast and easy audio system setups compatible with almost any speaker system. To prevent obsolescence, all multichannel POWERZONE amplifiers are bridgeable and low-impedance stable, enabling growth in a car audio system to a much higher performance level. This 1,000-Watt POWERZONE 2-Channel Class AB Amp has high-level speaker leads, silver preamp-level RCA inputs and oversized speaker terminals. Amp protection has system-diagnostics LEDs that indicate current/amp overload, short circuits, thermal overload and DC offset.


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