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Cuisinart Multi-Grater

Cuisinart Multi-Grater


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Grate, shred or slice all your favorites with simply, the touch of a button. The Cuisinart Multi-Grater has all your kitchen needs covered, from grating Parmesan to peppercorns, shredding chocolate or softer cheeses and slicing vegetables, proving the Multi-Grater is a lot more than your everyday cheese grater.Interchangeable stainless steel slicing, grating and shredding drums. Grating drum for hard cheeses, nuts and spices. Shredding drum for softer cheeses, vegetables, chocolate and coconut. Slicing drum for fresh vegetables and hard cheeses. Ergonomic handle suitable for left-and right-hand users. Quickly disassembles for easy cleaning. 20 minute continuous run time. All removable parts are dishwasher safe. Limited 3-year warranty. BPA Free.