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IOGEAR PenScript Active Stylus

IOGEAR PenScript Active Stylus


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The PenScript Active Stylus from IOGEAR works by generating electric signals that are picked up by your device's built-in digitizer. These signals are then transmitted to the device's controller which in turn senses the pen's location, pressure and other functionalities. IOGEAR's PenScript utilizes Power Tip Technology to pinpoint the exact location of the stylus tip on the touchscreen providing both fluidity and exceptional accuracy when writing or drawing. Whether you are an artist, writer, student or business person that needs to frequently sign electronic documents, the PenScript is a great tool to have around for any stylus-based computing.

Works with virtually all smartphones & tablets
Precise 1.9mm tip with Power Tip Technology for smooth writing & unparalleled accuracy
Anodized aluminum body for durability & premium feel
Up to 12 hours of continual usage on a single AAA battery
Easy setup-no pairing or additional software needed
Not compatible with iPad Pro