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Lasko 20" Premium Box Fan 3723

Lasko 20" Premium Box Fan 3723


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Make the switch to the Lasko Products 20" Premium Box Fan 3723 and enjoy the benefits of the Wind Ring System. The exclusive grill design focuses the air movement, increasing its velocity, thereby letting you enjoy a cool breeze from anywhere in the room. This Lasko box fan offers three speeds that you can choose according to your requirements. It works so silently that you won't even know when it is switched on. The 20" box fan is covered with a plastic grill that offers protection. The wide-body design gives enhanced stability. You can hook up this Lasko Products 20" Premium Box Fan 3723 on the wall with ease. The compact design is ideal for smaller spaces and the energy-efficient system offers 30-percent more air velocity than standard box fans. This item also comes with a handle, making it easy to carry.