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Lenmar Canon BP-941 Camcorder Replacement Battery

Lenmar Canon BP-941 Camcorder Replacement Battery


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Get more life out of your camcorder with the Lenmar LIC941 Canon Replacement Battery. The battery will replace the manufacturer's battery pack, so you can continue using your camcorder after the original battery has died or been damaged.

Fits Canon C2, C-V10Hi, DM-MV1, E2, ES50, ES55, ES60, ES6000, ES65, ES-7000es, ES7000V, ES75, ES-8100, ES8200V, ES8400V, ES8600, FV1, G10, G10Hi, G1500, G30Hi, G35Hi, G45Hi, MV1, MV10, UC-V20, UC-V30, UC-V300, UC-X1Hi, UC-X2Hi, UC-X30Hi, UC-X40Hi, UC-X50, UC-X
Replaces Canon BP-911, BP-911K, BP-914, BP-915, BP-924, BP-927, BP-930, BP-941, BP-945; Polaroid PR-610L
6,000 mAh
2-year warranty