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SecurityMan 2.4GHz Digital LCD/DVR System 4 Wireless Cameras

SecurityMan 2.4GHz Digital LCD/DVR System 4 Wireless Cameras


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Four 2. 4GHz digital wireless cameras & 1 space-saving, 2-in-1, 7" LCD monitor with SD Card recorder. Weatherproof (IP54) color CMOS camera for indoor/outdoor use. Increased range of transmission up to 200ft between walls & up to 490ft in clear line of sight. No interference from Wi-Fi or analog 900MHz/2. 4GHz/5. 8GHz/6GHz devices. Camera with built-in IR LEDs for night vision up to 30ft (B&W). Audio & video output RCA interfaces from receiver to monitor for display.

The DigiLCDDVR4 is a do-it-yourself complete digital wireless security system which includes four weatherproof digital wireless cameras and a 7" LCD/SD DVR combo.

Compared to full version digital video recording (DVR) systems, the DigiLCDDVR4 is much less complicated to operate, much more affordable and can be installed in minutes.

Simply insert an SD card (not included) into the LCD monitor, position and mount the cameras, plug in all the power adapters and you are ready to record.

In comparison to the traditional analog wireless technology, digital wireless provides three key features which include: Increased range of transmission, secure signal and unlike analog, the digital signals are virtually interference-free from crowded wireless analog devices such as: Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwaves, and cell phones.