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Stansport Wilderness First-Aid Kit

Stansport Wilderness First-Aid Kit


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Always have peace of mind in the outdoors when you carry the Stansport Wilderness First Aid Kit. The Kit contains all of the necessary supplies to administer first aid when you are on the go. The supplies are neatly organized in a red nylon pouch, which fits nicely into a backpack, or can be attached through its loop. Pack your Stansport Wilderness First Aid Kit when you embark on your next adventure, and you will feel at ease knowing that you are prepared for a potential first aid emergency.Features 12 Plastic Bandages (3/4 x 3), 10 Mini Bandages (3/8 x 1-1/2), 6 Antiseptic Towelettes, 6 First Aid Cream Packs, 6 Q-Tips, 5 Triple Antibiotic Ointments, 4 Safety Pins, 4 Sterile Non-Adhere Pads (3x4), 4 Butterfly Closures, 3 Sterile Gauze Pads (3x3), 3 Sterile Gauze Pads (2x2), 3 Plastic Bandages (2x4-1/2), 3 Flexicon Gauze (2x5 Yds.), 3 ABD Pads (5x9), 3 Pill Vials, 2 Vinyl Synthetic Gloves, 2 Moleskin Strips (1x3), 2 Razor Blades (Non-Sterile), 2 Adhesive Tape (1/2x10 Yds), 2 Triangular Bandages, 2 Cotton Wadding (3x4 Yds), 2 Ace Bandages 3, 1 Zip Lock Bag (3x5), 1 Splinter Forceps, 1 First Aid Guide, 1 Nylon Pouch.