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Atrend Atrend Series Single Vented Spl Enclosure

Atrend Atrend Series Single Vented Spl Enclosure


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The Atrend Series Single Vented SPL Enclosure (12 in.) is engineered and manufactured using only the best additives throughout the production cycle and features hardwood MDF combined with true mitered corners and full inset dados-perfect for the high-end niche market.

Atrend products are tested vigorously to ensure sound quality and accurate engineering. Working with only the latest in computer automated software and machinery, Atrend continues to be a trend setter in the marketplace, delivering quality results by utilizing only the most efficient engineering and manufacturing processes.


12" single, vented SPL enclosure
MDF construction
.75" speaker baffles
Completely carpeted enclosure
Shared chambers
Screwed-down terminal cups
Completely glued & braced