Mind Reader Arm Rest for Office Chair


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Say goodbye to stress caused by uncomfortable or inadequately cushioned office chair arms - the Mind Reader attachable memory foam arm chair cushions are the perfect stress relievers and pain reducers for your chair at home, chair at work or anywhere you find yourself sitting with little or no arm comfort cushions - bring your own cushions and slide them over any chair arm - arm and elbow position while you sit is very important to overall health - super comfortable and easy to use. REDUCE NECK BACK ARM&ELBOW PAIN WITH SIMPLE SOLUTION: Genuine memory foam molds to your arm shape and arm size to ensure optimal arm comfort - ergonomic foam cushion for chairs places your arm at an improved height to promote pain reduction - adjust to ensure foam cushion is placed at the optimal location for you easily and tighten the drawstring to hold in place - non slip backing - be sure to sit with proper optimal posture and consider other Mind Reader health and wellness items on this page as well. ADDS CRITICAL ARM AND ELBOW COMFORT: Although it's important to make sure you have good sitting posture and good leg distance to the floor while you sit it's equaly important to place your arms on a comfortable office chair while you sit and work for long periods of time - when one part of your body is uncomfortable it affects the rest of your body as you look to compensate by shifting your seat or adjusting your back support - Mind Reader molded foam wrist rest cushions are made of memory foam for durability. EASY ATTACH DRAWSTRING WITH NON-SLIP GRIP: Easily attach each arm cushion to your home office chair, kitchen arm chair, dining chair, reading chair, office chair or anywhere you find you need additional arm comfort while sitting - drawstring closure makes it easy to stay in place while in use - removable arm cushions can be moved to other chairs if needed. SPECIFICATIONS: Set Of 2 Arm Support Cushions with Straps| Genuine Memory Foam Construction | Color: Black | Each Measures 4.5"L x 9.5"W x 1.5"H | Protects your arm from hard or rough surfaces as well | Built in strap holds arm rests on chair arm. PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL AGES: Who doesn't love to be comfortable? Mind Reader memory foam adjustable arm rests are a simple and easy comfort solution for people who want to be comfortable when they sit at work or in their favorite kitchen or dining chair at home - Men and woman of all ages will appreciate the added comfort - arm support for the forearm and elbow reduces pressure and helps circulation of the arm wrist and hand.BREATHABLE FABRIC SOFT TO THE TOUCH: Soft microfiber fabric surrounds genuine memory foam padding for the ultimate in comfort - soft and cool fabric reduces sweating and moisture - keeps cool with each use - the fabric used to make clothes that breathe and keep your body cool are similar to the fabric used to cover the foam that touches your skin as you sit - breathable fabric over porous memory foam is the perfect combination. HYPO-ALLERGENIC MINIMIZES SWEAT&ODOR: memory foam is hypo-allergenic and doesn't hold moisture that causes odors - memory foam arm cushions are a clean and simple way to add additional arm comfort to your chair - don't worry if you sweat at work as the memory foam will remain dry - fabric cover will air dry as needed if damp - hard arm chairs can be uncomfortable so be sure to add Mind Reader arm rests to uncomfortable chairs. CUSTOMIZES OPTIMAL ARM&ELBOW SUPPORT: Reduces arm and elbow pain and provides superior lumbar arm support which helps to reduce back and neck pain - easy and inexpensive solution to arm and shoulder pain with foam arm cushions that stay on yoru chair - order more than one set and give them to your spouse, friend, parent, boss, co-worker and anyone you know who sits for long periods of time at work or at home - everyone is entitled to a more comfortable sitting experience.EASY CARE MACHINE WASHABLE.

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